Shrek the musical

it was great and this will tell how it was

Shrek The Musical

Shrek was produced by the high school

I went and saw the musical Shrek, put on by the high school.  The musical was fantastic and the actors and actresses did an awesome job.  The props were very well done as well.  The dragon was so realistic to the one in the movie Shrek.  The actor who played Shrek did a wonderful job as well as the actress who played Donkey.  I found it to be very funny in several spots.


I did notice that there were some differences in the musical, such as some of the songs were different as well as some of the story line at the beginning of the musical was very different to that of the movie. In the movie the beginning of the movie did not start with the parents of shrek send him away. Also in the movie did not show when fionas parents sent her to the castle.


It was very well produced. I think that they did a great job. In the musical I felt good because when they were acting and singing. They were doing it  proudly and that is what made the audience laugh and feel good and to keep watching.

Change of the earth

During my great grandparent years.

The earth has changed  a lot since the times of our great grandparents,  like the roads  were mostly  brick or dirt and not paved  like they are now a-days.  The cars that they had back then were much slower and looked a lot like a bike with four wheels and a large seat,  not many people had them.   Most people  had horse and carriages  and if  they had to travel far the trains and boats had steam engines.  Some people rode the street cars which were pulled by horses. That was mostly the mode of  transportation back then, whereas now the  modes of transportation  are cars, buses, trains, subways, planes and boats.  Even the way they washed their clothes was different back then.  They had what you call wash boards which you  used to wash your clothes by hand and  they did not have dryers so they hung the clothes outside to dry.  Now we have washing machines  wash our clothes automatically and dryers to dry the clothes so we don’t have to hang them to dry. Although some people still like to hang their clothes to dry. Back then  the women wore dresses  only and then men always wore hats. They did not have Televisions, computers or the internet.  They had manual type writers only.  They did not have cellphones and the home phones were much bigger and rotary style, not push button like they are now.  They also could not call someone directly, they had to always go through an operator who would direct your call.  Now you can call anywhere all over the world directly.




Niagara falls Canada



When I go to Niagara falls I like to go on  the made of the mist and I like to go to some arcades and do other stuff and there hotels are great. If you want to be amazed then go to Niagara falls and at night the falls light up and it is beautiful and they change colour in Niagara falls Canada